This Is The Album Concept GOT7 Members Regret Most About



This Is The Album Concept GOT7 Members Regret Most About



Ever since their debut back in 2014, JYP Entertainment boy group GOT7 have taken on a variety of album concepts up until now.

And among them, there seems to be a particular one that all the group members regret doing. During a recent interview, GOT7 members revealed the album concept they regret having done the most.

It turns out that the album concept they disliked most was ‘Stop, Stop It’.

got7 stop stop it


But you might also be wondering why ‘Stop, Stop It’ in particular is their least favorite album concept. For some Aghase (iGOT7), the concept might even be one of their favorites.

According to the group members, they said they look like they belong in the fish markets with the outfits that they were wearing in the scene where they dance in the streets at night.

While they felt confident and sexy about taking on the concept back when they were filming it, the group members stated that looking back on it, they regret making the decision to do it.

got7 stop stop it


You can check out the interview below!


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