With Produce 48 coming near to its end, you might be wondering if there are any other shows around to watch that gives you the same amount of entertainment.

Have no fear, the broadcasting stations of South Korea are already a few steps ahead and have something prepared for K-Pop fans.

Below are three shows that will test aspiring K-Pop idols to see if they have what it takes to become the next superstar.


Creative Teenager Under 19 (MBC)

Set to air in November 2018, Creative Teenager Under 19 is MBC's upcoming survival program. As the title suggests, the show will feature idol trainees who are all under nineteen years of age.However, only male participants under the age of nineteen will be able to participate. Rumors have it that the show is run by DIA's CEO Kim KwangSoo and that he is looking for a new group to invest in as he has lost interest in the girl group.


Dancing High (KBS)

The upcoming survival program is scheduled to air its first episode on September 7th. It is an audition program for teenage dancers, and the competition is already fierce as forty three different dance teams have been cast for the program. The competition ratio is said to be 70:1. Like Creative Teenagers Under 19, only participants in their teens have been able to apply.


The Fan (SBS)

Although there are many different survival audition programs being produced at the moment, this one will be much different than the rest. How? There won't be any judges. The fans will get to be the judges themselves. Despite having the best producers in SBS teamed up to produce this program, there are concerns that the program won't do well since viewers seem to be exhausted from watching survival program after survival program for so long.


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Jan 1, 2019 06:20 am