TIME News Magazine Names 6 Top K-Pop Groups You Should Know

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New York-based TIME magazine has selected six best mega K-Pop groups.

According to the news magazine agency, these six K-Pop acts are ranked high on all global charts and have been deemed as the groups that have the most potential to cross over to the US Billboard 100 Charts.

K-Pop may have had an international fan base for a long time but it is only recently that the scene has begun making major headlines in the US.



Dominating not only the charts but also social media, BTS making it on this list is obviously a no-brainer. They have been recognized as a boy band that definitely has their own unique style and color.

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US media has stated that the nine-member girl group is the next big girl idol act ever since Girls’ Generation. They seem to be doing well following the footsteps of the second generation SM Entertainment girl group and might even to some degree, outdoing them in certain areas.

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TIME has attributed EXO’s flexibility to absorb various different genres of music to the group’s success in North America.

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4 Red Velvet

Like EXO, Red Velvet is able to appeal to fans of various different genre tastes. They also have a strong female fan base as well.

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Having a strong following in Japan, the YG boy band also has a strong presence in reality TV.

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Their vocal and hip-hop based performances are what gives a strong competitive edge for them. And having separate units allows them to release music contents in multiple ways.


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