Top 10 Hottest Songs Streaming On GAON Charts

Besides major awards events and large-scale festival concerts, streaming services are another platform we can check out to see which artists are actually getting the most attention in terms of music releases.

By now, everyone should know that music streaming services are the current trend and most definitely the future of how we listen to music. It is convenient for both artists and listeners alike.  Why? It helps discover new music faster through algorithms and preferences. It gets people to pay for music again, meaning it is one way to fight piracy. And it is also now where the real listeners and consumers are at. Curious to find out which artists have been streamed the most on the GAON charts this year? Scroll below to find out!

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Top 10 Songs On GAON Streaming

(January 1st, 2017 – November 25th, 2017)


1 Ailee – I Will Go To You Like The First Snow (161,397,428 Plays)


IU – Through The Night (123,896,810 Plays)


Bolbbalgan4 – Tell Me You Love Me (122,952,926 Plays)


Yoon JongShin – Like It (111,812,933 Plays)


5 Ed Sheeran – Shape Of You (111,578,241 Plays)


Heize / Shin YongJae – You, Clouds, Rain (103,942,983 Plays)


Crush – Beautiful (102,117,668 Plays)


IU – Palette (100,747,217 Plays)


TWICE – Knock, Knock (100,096,413 Plays)


10 Maktub / Koo YoonHee – Marry Me (99,847,215 Plays)


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2017 Melon Music Awards Final Results

Following MAMA, the MMA’s are now finally over as well. It marks another successful end of the year milestone for the current hottest K-Pop acts.

The results generated a lot of noise and argument for South Korean netizens, some going as far as claiming that MAMA votes were much more credible and accurate. In general, many netizens claimed that EXO‘s fanbase lashed out unnecessarily, causing tension between other fanbases. 2017 has once again proved to be another highly competitive year for the top idols. 


2017 Melon Music Awards Results


Melon Top 10 Awards







Red Velvet

Big Bang


Wanna One


Best Artist Award



Best Album Award



Best Song Award



Best Global Artist Award



Best New Artist Award

Wanna One


Netizen’s Popularity Award



Hot Trend Award

SuRan, Suga


Best Music Style Award (Dance)



Best Songwriter Award



MBC Music Star Award



Best Music Video Award



Kakao Hot Star Award

Wanna One


1theK Performance Award



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Top 5 Idol Groups With Highest Accumulative Fan Count On Melon

An artist’s scope of activity and future prospects heavily depend on their current fanbase nowadays. Besides individual talent, it’s the fans and supporters who can open doors for success and popularity.

BTS is a good example of how their fanbase took them from underground K-Pop idol beginnings to worldwide stardom. They literally went from zero to one hundred in a relatively short amount of time. Besides their talent, what could have projected them to where they are at right now? Their immense fanbase would be the logical guess. Here are the top five K-Pop acts that have accumulated the highest fan count on the Melon Charts.



EXO – 500,037

EXO, EXO Profile, EXO Melon 2017, EXO 2017, EXO Fans

Melon Music

EXO AAA, EXO Melon, EXO Profile, EXO 2017

Asia Today


IU – 415,182

IU 2017, IU Profile, IU Comeback, IU Melon


IU, IU 2017, IU Kpop, IU Profile, IU Melon, IU Comeback

IU Studio


BTS – 391,845

BTS, BTS Melon, BTS AMA, BTS Profile, BTS Comeback, BTS Desiigner


BTS, BTS Profile, BTS AMA 2017, BTS Billboard, BTS James Corden, BTS Jimmy Kimmel, BTS Melon, BTS Comeback

Getty Images Korea


Big Bang – 282,470

Big Bang, Big Bang Profile, Big Bang 2017, Big Bang Comeback, Big Bang Melon


Big Bang Kpop, Big Bang Comeback, Big Bang Profile, Big Bang Melon, Big Bang 2017

YG Entertainment


Wanna One – 172,103

Wanna One Profile, Wanna One 2017, Wanna One Melon, Wanna One Comeback


Wanna One Profile, Wanna One 2017, Wanna One Comeback, Wanna One Melon



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