Because a number of the girl groups these days seem to make a huge hit whenever they come back, we tend to think the album sales record change easily. Surprisingly, no matter how big of a hit some groups make, the legendary sales record does not change so easily.

Some legendary albums stary so firm in their places in the rank that we wonder when it would be ever replaced by something new. However, there are some albums that did make their way through the big hits, making even bigger hits. 

If you would think of just one group that must be in the TOP 12, who would it be? Of course, SNSD.  The ten years with fans are unignorable. Then, if you could think of a rookie, or not so old group that must be in the Top 12, who would it be? Obviously, TWICE! TWICE was like the storm that reversed and changed everything!

Wonder how TWICE and SNSD is doing in the album sales of all time?  Check this chart out!

Top 12 Best Selling Girl Groups of All Time



Twice took 5 ranks among 12, while SNSD took 6! However, the rankings of TWICE are a bit higher than that of SNSD. The battle of TWICE and SNSD doesn't seem like it's going to be over so quickly, so pay close attention! 

Top 12 Best Selling Girl Groups of All Time

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