Top 3 Best K-Pop Comebacks In June 2018




Top 3 Best K-Pop Comebacks In June 2018


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Summer of 2018 has already been a season packed with a lot of heat so far.

The month of June was filled with music releases from some of the most popular idol groups such as Wanna One, SHINee, BLACKPINKMomoland and NU’EST W.

Momoland’s anticipated comeback ‘BAAM’ has also been the subject of a debate packed conversation in South Korea as many netizens have found the rhythm too similar to their ‘BBoom BBoom’. But even so, ‘BAAM’ managed to push itself into a trending content in the K-Pop scene because of its catchy and addictive K-Pop formula.

Here are our top three best K-Pop comebacks for June 2018.


Top 3 Best K-Pop Comebacks In June 2018



Despite having taken forever to release it, YG Entertainment never fails to deliver quality releases with their artists. BLACKPINK’s latest single DDU-DU DDU-DU is the typical YG flavored banger that keeps their artists above and differentiated among others. BLACKPINK has become the highest-charting K-Pop girl group in the US and it’s no mystery why when you listen to them.


#2 Wanna One – Light

While they are scheduled to disband by the end of this year, it definitely looks like they won’t be going away without a bang. You can hear an instant Wanna One vibe the moment you listen to Light. It has their signature vocal tone and hook that infuses K-Pop and R&B very cohesively. The K-Pop boy group won both ‘The Show’ and ‘Music Bank’ with their latest single.


#3 Momoland – BAAM

Though ‘BAAM’ sounds rhythmically similar to ‘BBoom BBoom’, there’s no denying that it’s a bop. It doesn’t matter if K-netizens complain about the similarity because there are millions of songs with the same tempo and similar vibes. All that matters is the end product and if it still has the elements needed for it to be fun to listen to. Sure, maybe the game plan and strategy for releasing a similar song might not have been the best move, but regardless, Momoland are killing it in a comfortable fashion.


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