The welcoming of the summer season has started off with quite a lot of heat within the K-Pop scene. Pretty much all of the comebacks for May have been, as the hip people say these days, "fire".

Even if we don't say it out loud, everyone would probably agree that the month of May has been and will be the best month of comebacks because of global superstars BTS. The Big Hit Entertainment boy group is literally a cheat code that cannot be beaten.

But apart from that, we've also had new groups such as Uni.T and (G)I-DLE jump into the game as well. The debuts of these groups were just as exciting as the comebacks for the month of May.


Top 3 Best K-Pop Comebacks In May 2018


#1 BTS

'Love Yourself: Tear' ranked #1 on Billboard 200, adding another milestone to BTS's long list of unrivaled accomplishments as K-Pop artists. They were also the 'Top Social Artist' for their second consecutive time, beating out Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, and etc. The quality of their latest comeback release and the fact data that shows their dominance in the music market are two main reasons why it is impossible for them not to make it to the top of the list.


#2 SHINee

SHINee will forever be a five-member K-Pop group. Not only did we feel so much passion, talent, and hard work with their comeback release 'The Story of Light Ep.1', we also believe the reason why SHINee is still able to maintain their greatness is because they are still five, even if one of them may not be with them in this world.


#3 AOA

Even though it was released at almost the end of May, it was a good move since 'Bingle Bangle' is sure to be a summer bop in 2018. It might not hit as hard as a club banger but it makes up for it through an addictive whistle hook line along with their signature "K-Pop girl group" one-liner.



Best Debuts In May 2018



Individual members such as ShuHua have been adding to the hype of their debut. Their single 'Latata' has managed to hit 15 Million views on YouTube and is still on the rise. Their album 'I Am' also managed to rank as number five on the Billboard World Albums Chart. That is definitely impressive considering the fact that they just debuted this month.



They might have faced some backlash for their explicit choreography during their Dream Concert performance but there is no denying that their single 'No More' is a great song. The reggaeton vibes remind us of Ariana Grande's hit 'Side to Side' and it's perfect for this summer season.


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Jun 24, 2018 03:48 pm