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The month of September has been an enthralling month filled with great comebacks, notably from NCT Dream, who grew so much over the years both physically and musically as well.

Their latest comeback single 'We Go Up', a pop R&B tune with addictive percussive rhythm and a bright melodic chorus,has definitely been one of our favorites this month.

Along with that, SunMi's long awaited single 'Siren' from her album 'WARNING' too was quite nice, as it reminded us slightly of her previous single 'Heroine'.

Below are our top three best K-Pop comebacks for the month of September.


Top 3 Best K-Pop Comebacks Of September 2018


#1 NCT Dream - We Go Up

We really like how they went slightly hip hop with this one while mixing a very US pop oriented chorus. It's easy to sing along and groove to. And to see them grown up so much really makes our hearts flutter. They flaunted their handsomeness really well in the MV. And on top of that, the percussive elements in the verse may sound a bit old school but is very likable as they've managed to reinterpret it in a modern way.



#2 GOT7 - Lullaby

This song is a straight up R&B smash and we fell in love with the overall sound immediately once we heard it. GOT7 is definitely a K-Pop idol boy group that can adapt easily to any sound well. The chorus is laced with a really nice funky slap bass that drives and maintains an energetic vibe throughout the song effortlessly.


SunMi - Siren

SunMi really seems to have developed her own unique sound as an artist quite well over the years. Whether it was through working with the right producers or taking the steering wheel on her own in terms of achieving the final sound, we can almost instantly tell just from a few seconds from listening to one of her songs and know that it is her. The MV concept for Siren too was interesting to watch as well. We have to say it was a clever way for her to dress up in different outfits.


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