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Fans are such a big deal to every idol. Fans become their inspiration, motivation and strength. Idols have their own way of showing love to their fans, some make fan songs and others have many fan meetings as possible.

Though we know that idols love their fans much, there are certain idols who show extra special love. It is usually seen through their eyes and their expressions not in big events but in small moments like greeting fans in airport or on the way to another occasions or in fan meetings.

Here are top 3 idols who are irrefutably good to one’s fans.

1st – IU

Top 3 Idols Who Are Famous for Being Great to Fans


She is like the typical example of idols who loves her fans. Recently, she had a fan meeting after the release of “Pallet” and two adorable moments were caught.

Top 3 Idols Who Are Famous for Being Great to Fans


IU trying to take photos of fan by fan’s camera


IU panicking because she was already wearing a flower crown given by a fan, and another fan brought the same. She is trying to wear two crowns in her head… so cute


2nd – BaekHyun of EXO

Top 3 Idols Who Are Famous for Being Great to Fans


He is famous for being sweet to his fans among EXO members. He has a legendary video where fans called out his name and he looked at them in such a dreamy way saying “so beautiful…”. Also, when he sings, he keeps his eye contact with fans constantly.


3rd – Suzy of miss A

Top 3 Idols Who Are Famous for Being Great to Fans


There was a fan in a wheelchair in Suzy’s fan meeting. In an event where Suzy was giving out gifts to fans, she went to the fan in wheelchair and thanked him/her for coming as she made an eye contact and hold hands. Also she is famous for talking to her fans in truthful way in her fan meeting.


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Mar 15, 2019 03:58 am

It’s funny because both Suzy and IU are so nice to fans and they’re best friends too.