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One of the best ways to keep a K-Pop group looking and feeling fresh, so as to retain young audiences is to switch concepts every other comeback. Concepts are inherently a K-Pop thing where a particular group or idol's image is determined on the basis of an overarching theme. Even within the concept, different members have sub-concepts in keeping with the overall mood of the group. For instance, in EXO 's 'Obsession' era, all the members had their own alter-ego character assigned to them with varied backstories to complement their actions and appearances.

One of the most popular K-Pop concepts is undoubtedly the supernatural or the fantasy concept. Ranging from simple ghosts to very complicated extraterrestrial beings, this concept has been taken on by virtually almost every K-Pop group in existence. The idea of creating a whole new world or sometimes even dimension in a music video is always alluring and it gives the idols a chance to show a different side to themselves, something that they might not often get the chance to do otherwise. Not only are supernatural concepts fun for the artists but also for the audiences too, seeing their idols in a different light. Especially when the softest and gentlest members of the group are given a dark concept, it is even more alluring for fans and as such, supernatural concepts almost always mean certain success.

Out of all the groups that have taken on supernatural concepts, some honourable mentions include EXO's 'Wolf', 4Minute's 'Volume Up', BIGBANG 's 'Monster', DREAMCATCHER 's 'Chase Me', T-ARA 's 'Lovey Dovey', IU 's 'Lost Child' and 2PM 's 'Heartbeat'. Keep reading for our top 3 picks of the best supernatural concepts in K-Pop, in no particular order of ranking.


1. ONEUS  - 'Twilight'


One of the best examples of the supernatural in K-Pop especially in recent days, ONEUS perfectly nails the vampire concept in their song, aptly and cheekily titled 'Twilight'. It is undeniable that this 'Twilight' is already inevitably linked to vampires, owing to the famous Hollywood film series of the same name but ONEUS put their own twist on it. It is also a very smart analogy for the message of the song itself, comparing the separation of a lover with drowning in eternal darkness, the fate to which a vampire is doomed. There's a tragic sense to the music video, which is mostly shot in dim lighting, giving it a dark shadow, echoing the heart of the song as well as the concept of the music video. Symbolism is rich and the music video prefers to show rather than tell when it comes to its hidden meaning. The choreography is absolutely spot on and powerful, amplifying the effect of the supernatural concept.


2. VIXX - 'Hyde'


VIXX are known for their incredible concepts and the group has taken on the supernatural multiple times. One of the most commonly brought up songs when it comes to such a concept is VIXX's 'Voodoo Doll' which plays around with the theme of witchcraft and voodoo magic. However, one of the more underrated music videos is definitely that of 'Hyde' which taken on a rather unconventional approach when it comes to the supernatural concept. 'Hyde' is based loosely on demons, whether they be within or without. The members portray a dual personality, with each one oscillating between a Jekyll-like persona and the eponymous and opposing Hyde. While in most stories, the good triumphs over evil, in this music video, they eventually give in completely to the dark side and turn into fallen angels or demons with their black wings spread open. This music video is also proof of just how incredible this group is when it comes to choreography and sync.


3. SunMi  - 'Full Moon'


SunMi is easily one of the most talented soloists in K-Pop and her concepts are always very well fleshed-out and fully realized. Regardless of her concept, SunMi retains a fierce and badass image in her music videos, something like a chimera. This effect is even more magnified in the music video for 'Full Moon' which is once again, based on vampires. 'Full Moon' doesn't shy away from hardcore horror just because it is a K-Pop music video. The cinematography is high quality and it is evident that a lot of effort and work went into making it look the way it does. Choreography is top-notch and SunMi plays her role better than professional actresses. The atmosphere is dreadful and bleak, perfect for the concept. There is nothing that could have been better in this music video, which looks pretty much like a short film in and of itself.

Which other K-Pop music video would you add to this list? Share your thoughts with Kpopmap in the comments section down below!



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