Top 3 Most Handsome Male K-Pop Idols Chosen By Japan

Cha EunWoo, Cha EunWoo Profile, Astro, Astro Profile, Astro Cha EunWoo

With so many beautiful idols in this world, it’s almost impossible to choose just a few and nominate them as the best looking. Why? They all have exceptionally above average appearances.

Thankfully, our world is a wonderful place where different countries have different beauty standards. Of course, the beauty standards of today’s modern society is somewhat similar anyway but there are also very particular preferences that people seem to have, depending on their culture.

According to Japanese media ‘Kban’, these three K-Pop idols have been chosen by the people of Japan as the most handsome. Have a look below!


3 Vernon

Being half American and Korean, Vernon’s exotic beauty definitely would catch the eyes of the people of Japan. In fact, Japan is also home to many beautiful people who are half Caucasian and half Japanese. Many people have said he has a ‘young Leonardo DiCaprio‘ vibe.

SEVENTEEN, SEVENTEEN Profile, SEVENTEEN Vernon, Vernon, Vernon Profile, SEVENTEEN Vernon Profile



Cha EunWoo

One of the very first names that come to mind for South Koreans when the subject of ‘handsome male idol‘ is at hand, Cha EunWoo’s beauty is widely recognized and adored even in Japan. In fact, many people know of him better for being impossibly beautiful more than for his music.

Cha EunWoo, Cha EunWoo Profile, Astro, Astro Profile, Astro Cha EunWoo



Park JiHoon

The Wanna One member is definitely usually a fan favorite amongst all the members. He first caught the attention of the Japanese public through a ‘wink’ he gave while on Produce 101. He was chosen as the number one candidate for being able to pull off cute and handsome at the same time.

Park JiHoon, Park JiHoon Profile, Wanna One, Wanna One Profile, Wanna One Park JiHoon

Eyes Nose Lips



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