TOP 3 SM Queen Idols Who Can Slay With Every Single Concept

You can check 3 female K-Pop idols who can perfectly rock with any song concepts.

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Usually, each member of idols got each concept, for example, maknae or cute concepts, sexy concept, something like that. However, some of them are skillful enough to slay with all of those concepts. It’s in the blood? or just struggling to look like that? We all can’t be sure, but still, we can’t help but keep watching them rock with every style. 3 of them are so beautiful and attractive with every concept. Can’t wait to seeing them? Let’s check it out below!

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TaeYeon of SNSD

1. Beautiful goddess concept

GIF TaeYeon

2. Retro 1980 American concept


SM entertainmnet

3. Lovely girls hip-hop concept

GIF TaeYeon

4. Sexy & Charisma & Femme Fatal concept

GIF TaeYeon

5. Sentimental mood concept

GIF TaeYeon


Krystal of F(x)

1. Red hair with wisdom teeth concept

GIF Krystal

2. Fantasy concept



3. Fancy charisma concept

GIF Krystal

4. Sexy concept

GIF Krystal


Wendy of Red Velvet

1. Luxurious and static concept



2. Lovely girly-girl concept

GIF Wendy

3. Exotic blonde hair concept

GIF Wendy

Top 3 Idols Approved of Their Composing Ability by Professionals

Who says idols can only sing and dance? Unlike the past, the images of idol are changing. They are no longer just bunch of young girls and boys grouped together to perform and entertain.  They are being acknowledged as musicians now. 

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The change of image had started not long a go by few idols who started to compose and make real good music for themselves. Today, the pioneers are writing and producing music for other idols and musicians as well. Because of them, it became a bias thought to be thinking that idols aren’t so good at singing nor rapping compare to people called “musicians.” 

So, who do you think are the pioneers of idol composers and producers who started to change the image of idol? Let’s meet the top 3!


1st – G-Dragon of BIG BANG

G-Dragon, JinYoung, Zico, B1A4, BLOCK B, BIG Bang, Composer Idols, Idol Ranking

YG Entertainment


2nd – ZICO of BLOCK B

G-Dragon, JinYoung, Zico, B1A4, BLOCK B, BIG Bang, Composer Idols, Idol Ranking

KQ Entertainment


3rd – JinYoung of B1A4

G-Dragon, JinYoung, Zico, B1A4, BLOCK B, BIG Bang, Composer Idols, Idol Ranking

WM Entertainment

I bet there is no one who has listened to their songs only ONCE,  though there might be some who did not listen at all. So, do you agree with the top 3 members? If you don’t try to dig for the produced songs and listen. You might be quite surprised!

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Apink Tops July Big Data Charts for Girl Groups

Girl Group Brand Reputation chart of July seemed to show a lot of change from that of the former ones.

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Brand reputation chart basically shows how much influence one or a group has to customers. Since idols have fans more than that of most actors or actresses, brands try to use idols to advertise their products. The brands who targets age 10~ 20 especially try to have the most famous and popular idol as their model. Those groups who are in the top 10 of this chart means that they affect a lot in consumer’s choices in buying things. 

TWICE was the constant big time groups since April to June in the chart. However, the flow seemed to have changed with the new black, Apink, this month. Since brands try to have the hottest idol group as their model, it is natural for those who have had comebacks to top the chart and those who are resting to go down in rank. Mamamoo took the 2nd place, followed by TWICE, BLACKPINK, T-ARA, WJSN, 9MUSES, Stellar, AOA and Red Velvet in order.

The chart is has evaluated participation, media, communication, community (from the left) and calculated them to have brand reputation (the red marked letters on the right).

Apink, Girl Group Brand Reputation, Girl Group Chart

Korea Reputation Center

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The Two Top Girls Who’s Got the Most Retweeted in “IDOL School” Twitter

As day goes closer to the first broadcast of “Idol School”, more people seemed to be interested. SNS of official “Idol School” as well as girl’s personal SNS’ seemed to be pouring with people’s visit day by day.

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Since this kind of program has never been aired before, the public is more than ever interested in figuring out how things would work. Also, since the students aren’t either trainees or idols, the only way to know about them is through official homepage and SNS like Twitter.

There were two girls who got the most attention in Twitter. It was Seo HyeRin, a girl who used to be a trainee in SM entertainment and Natty, who was trained in JYP. In case of Natty, the fact that she is a foreigner draws more attention of both Korean and foreign fans.


This is the current official Tweet of HyeRin.

Idol School, Idol School Profile, Natty, Seo HyeRin

Idol School Official Twitter


This is the current official Tweet of Natty.

Idol School, Idol School Profile, Natty, Seo HyeRin

Idol School Official Twitter

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TOP 4 Korean Celebrities With Bold Black Lip Makeup

Green, blue, purple, black. Who could have imagine these colors to be on our lips 10 years ago? Red, orange and pink were the main three colors used in the lips for quite a long time. However, we’ve notice there has been a new boom that’s becoming quite big nowadays, the colorful lip sticks.

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When I mean “colorful”, I do mean “VARIETY OF COLORS” including black. A lot of different colors are used as lip sticks and among them black and brown is becoming quite common among celebrities and people.

It may be pretty hard to actually try those bold colors because of the fear of trying something very new and because of the stares you’d get. But what’s to worry? You’d look fabulous on whatever you chose and you might give inspiration to try to those people who stares at you!

Here are 4 Korean celebs who have taken the pioneer path of black lips. Check them out, and get your inspiration for boldness!

1st – NaDa

Lee HyoRi, Gain, Lee SungKyung, NaDa, Black Lips



2nd – Lee SungKyung

Lee HyoRi, Gain, Lee SungKyung, NaDa, Black Lips

bnt news


3rd – Gain

Lee HyoRi, Gain, Lee SungKyung, NaDa, Black Lips

APOP Entertainment


4th – Lee HyoRi

Lee HyoRi, Gain, Lee SungKyung, NaDa, Black Lips

Kiwi Media

GIF Lee HyoRi, Gain, Lee SungKyung, NaDa, Black Lips

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