Could it finally be that we are now living in the futuristic time period where androgynous people are the norm? 

2017 has been quite an interesting year for the world of K-Pop. Besides the usual A-list boy bands making headlines, we have also seen a couple new faces that could potentially set a new trend for visual concepts and looks. Idols that look like androids or genderless have been creating quite a lot of noise amongst netizens these days. From one perspective, they possess a feminine aura of beauty and from another perspective, they possess low-key masculine features as well, making it difficult to define their gender at first glance. Here are four idols we think that have the best genderless look so far.



Top 4 Best Genderless Idols

NU'EST Official Homepage


Jion (New-Ace)

Top 4 Best Genderless Idols



Amber (FX)

Top 4 Best Genderless Idols

Naver Music



Top 4 Best Genderless Idols



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Feb 3, 2019 02:12 am

Jeonghan is my favorite, after that comes Ren and then Amber. However, I think Jion looks rather creepy. I would replace him with G-Dragon, who is a known fashion icon, has the androgynous look and is never afraid to try something new.