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When it comes to the word "Second Job", there's a lot of obligation, tiredness and having no choice in the word. However, sometimes, there is also improvement, new opportunity, and new life in the word.  

Though second jobs mean making time to do something new though we are all busy as hell with the first job, those times can turn out to be something amazing. Lately, a number of idols started to dig into kinds of music even those which aren't in their professional field. Some have learned to deejay professionally and started to perform on their concerts or release tracks. 

Though the current trend of the music is going a lot with house or EDM, still pieces of music of idols were mostly about dance or R&B. It must have meant making time to learn and practice something they have never tried. 

Here are idols and celebrities who took their second job as DJs!

1st - Moon JunYoung of ZE:After

Music: Too Late - JunYoung 


2nd - Key of SHINee

Music: View- SHINee, Don't Let Me Go - SHINee


3rd - Euaerin, former member of 9MUSES

Music: News - 9MUSES 


4th - G-Dragon of BIG BANG

Music: Super Star - GD

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