SNSD's YoonA, EXO's D.O. were praised for their unexpectedly amazing acting skills. Here's 5 rookies who get expectation like seniors!

It seems too hard to be an idol. Because idols need to be perfect at every single aspect, such as dancing, singing, visual and even now, acting skill. For instance, SNSD's YoonA and EXO's D.O. demonstrated their nice acting skills despite of many worries on them because they debuted as idols. People at that time thought that idols must be poor at other skills other than singing and dancing. However, there always have been idols who proved that they are entertainers who can show off omnipotent abilities. Lim SiWan, SHINee's MinHo, and other idol-turned-actors are them. 

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Recently, there popped out rookie idol-turned-actors. They just started walk along the successful and highly expected actors' trails just like the seniors. You can check who they are, below.


1. ASTRO's Cha EunWoo

Even he debuted as a member of idol boy group, ASTRO, he appeared in the web drama "To Be Continued". It showed his nice acting skills and potential power as a great actor.

The latest drama: "The Best Hit(2017)

Top 5 K-Pop Rookie Idol-Turned-Actors In Next Generation



2. LABOUM's SolBin

She showed her huge potential for great actress in the drama "Solomon's Perjury(2017)". After that, she keeps building her acting history through movie "Duel: The Final Round (2016)" and the drama "Reunited World(2017)". 

The latest drama: "Solomon's Perjury(2017)"

Top 5 K-Pop Rookie Idol-Turned-Actors In Next Generation




3. Gugudan's Kim SeJung

She is appearing as La EunHo in the drama "School 2017" on KBS2. Even though it was the first time to act for her, she show her stable acting skills.

The latest drama: "School 2017"

Top 5 K-Pop Rookie Idol-Turned-Actors In Next Generation



4. DIA's Jung ChaYeon

She give it a challenge in a drama "Drinking Solo(2016)" on tvN and appeared in the web drama "109 Strange Things". Recently, she proved her good acting skill in the drama "Reunited World(2017)". She is broadening her acting spectrum from cheery girls to chic one. 

The latest drama: "Reunited World(2017)"

Top 5 K-Pop Rookie Idol-Turned-Actors In Next Generation



5. Red Velvet's Joy

'Human Vitamin' Joy played Yoon SoRim in the drama "The Liar And His Lover(2017)" on tvN. She grabbed the opportunity to act a main character for the first time to appear in drama but she succeeded to get praises from audiences and directors.

The latest drama: "The Liar And His Lover(2017)"

Top 5 K-Pop Rookie Idol-Turned-Actors In Next Generation


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