Top 5 Male Celebrities You Wish To Receive Candies From On White Day

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If you have heard Valentine’s Day, you must have heard of White Day too. For those who are still new to what White Day is, here is a brief explanation. On contrast to Valentine’s Day where women give chocolates to men, men show their love and affection by giving the women candies on White Day.

A survey was conducted by an online research company, PMI. They asked 2000 female netizens aged 20 to 40 who is their favorite male celebrity they wish to receive candies from on White Day. Here are the results.


#1 Actor Gong Yoo (15.2% of votes)

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Epigram Official

You would most probably recognized Gong Yoo from tvN’s hit drama ‘Goblin’ about a year ago and it is no surprised that he had won the hearts of so many women. Being depicted as a charming yet lonely, Protector of Soul in the drama, many women fell in love with the concept of how dedicated and loving he was in finding his true love.


#2 Actor Park BoGum (15.1% of votes)

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theone0616 Twitter

If you talk about the next rising young actor, it has to be Park BoGum. With his sweet and defined features and looks, he rose to fame after earning the main character role in tvN drama ‘Reply 1988’ back in 2015. Park BoGum is also known for his polite manners even to strangers! It is no wonder how he had won the hearts of so many women.


#3 Actor Song JoongKi (3.7% of votes)

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ur_apricot Twitter

Apparently Song JoongKi has not lost his charms even after getting married with Actress Song HyeKyo in October last year. The drama ‘Descendants of the Sun’ brought his fame to the very next level and he was also recognized internationally. It was definitely through his previous dramas which gave him the image that he would be able to protect ‘his’ girl despite dangerous situations. Girls beware of your heart.


#4 Wanna One’s Kang Daniel/ Actor Park SeoJoon (3.2% of votes)

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tropical_1210 Twitter

It is no surprise that Wanna One’s Kang Daniel would make it on the list. Being voted as number one in Mnet’s K-Pop trainee survival show, ‘Produce 101 Season 2’, Kang Daniel is more famous than you could actually imagine. Fans love the way he smiles and make it a habit to point out his ‘smiling eyes’ whenever he does. Are you sure your heart can take it if Kang Daniel really confesses to you one day?



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Boyfriend material? Checked. Park SeoJoon is also one of the rising actors in the entertainment industry. With his golden ratio proportion and charming look, women are falling heads over heels for him. Recently, he had also showed off his Spanish speaking skills on reality TV ‘Youn’s Kitchen’ when he headed over to Spain. If you have not checked out some of the other dramas he had acted in, do so now and you will definitely not regret your decision.


#5 Actor Jung WooSung (3.1% of votes)

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Just like how the taste gets better as the wine ages, Jung WooSung’s extraordinary looks is standing out despite being in his 40s! Debuting at a young age, he is experienced with both acting, modelling and even directing. With his good looks and height, he also has a very kind heart. In 2014, he was appointed by the UNHCR Korea as the very first celebrity of the National Goodwill Ambassador. Ladies, what are you waiting for?


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