When idols go out in public places, there's a chance that things will get quite wild.

It's really out of their control if you think about it, as some fans are able to somehow illegally get a hold of their schedule itinerary, and end up swarming to the exact location that the idols are going to be at.

Sasaengs, and aggressive journalists too in the picture, things have gone south in some scenarios.

You can check them out below.



Even before their debut, the group experienced quite a traumatizing situation. Reports stated that some of the members were in tears and seemed extremely startled by how some of the fans were swarming around them and behaving wildly.



Managers Who Just Ran Out Of Patience






Fighting Security To Get To The VIP Lounge Where The Idols Are



The Journalist Who Had A Bit Of Physical Altercation With TaeYeon's Staff

No one knows what this was all about yet, but the journalist seemed to be behaving rather aggressively, nearly pulling off TaeYeon's female staff's top.


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