When these scenes were released, a babel of voices from female audiences came out in theater.

Some actors got some scenes that will never be forgotten for some reason. There are sexy scenes, lovely scenes, or just hilarious scene too. However, here's the best scenes that are hot enough to make you blush. Besides, these scenes' striking powers are so strong because they are the ones which include the first appearances of actors in movies. These legendary scenes are still mentioned for its amazing ripple effects. Most scenes are extracted from their representative works and you can tell those scenes helped those works could become the major ones. Then, let's look how sexy or handsome they are!

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1. Kang DongWon

"Romance Of Their Own (2004)"


2. Lee JungJae

"The Face Reader (2013)"


3. Lee JinWook

"The Beauty Inside (2015)"


4. Kim SooHyun

"Miss Granny (2014)"


5. WonBin

"The Man From Nowhere (2010)"

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