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Kpopmap arranged the most loveliest ‘manner hands’ found in K-Pop girl group members.

So called ‘Manner hand’, which means hover hands to protect someone or caring motions with hands. In most of cases, this word has been used for male’s motions. Because people unconsciously consider girls to be ones who need protection and vice versa, men should be ones who protect girls. However, it seems unneeded anymore. Girls are helping each other by themselves and they’re careful enough to protect themselves. We discovered some scenes capturing those caring hands of girl groups. These considerate girls’ hover hands look so trustworthy and warm-hearted. Actually, girl group members’ hover hands appeared mostly when they are wearing too short skirts, dresses, or pretty indecent stage clothes. In order to avoid too much skimpy looks, members give one another hover hands without hesitation. So nice and warm scenes are waiting for you, let’s go!

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1. MAMAMOO‘s MoonByul


2. GFRIEND’s YeRin


3. AOA‘s JiMin


4. EXID‘s SolJi


5. GFRIEND‘s SoWon


6. Weki Meki‘s DoYeon


7. AOA‘s ChanMi


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