Netizens found out T.O.P's swearing scenes in movie "BIGBANG MADE". Netizens even including fans of him seem to criticize his swear words.

"BIGBANG MADE" is a movie which filmed 340 days of BIGBANG's world touring for celebrating their 10 years anniversary after debut. The problematic scene is that SeungRi suggested members to take a video greeting toward Mexican fans who are waiting for concert. However, T.O.P refused, saying "fxxk off homies" and TaeYang induced other members to join the video. A staff watching them told him to join them but T.O.P muttered "fxxk off, fxxk you guys." after SeungRi said "Mexico, Are you ready?".

Netizen's reactions toward this scene fall in to two. Those on the one side are arguing that they like the honest personality of T.O.P, however, on the other side, some netizens are criticizing T.O.P, saying that 'Are people going to react the same if a female idol did the same thing(it means saying curse words here)?' or 'Even if it was only meant in fun, that's awful.'. 



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