Top Male K-Pop Idol Performance Virtuosos Through Fan Cams Voted By Netizens

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Top Male K-Pop Idol Performance Virtuosos Through Fan Cams Voted By Netizens

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Impeccable performance skills are possessed by many K-Pop stars and is a must as they perform for hundreds of thousands of fans on a regular basis.

Below are some of them who have been voted as virtuosos by South Korean netizens.


BaekHyun (EXO)

Fans have stated that despite usually approaching stage performances with light mannered vibes, it actually makes him stand out because he seems to be enjoying the stage and not being too serious about it. In short, everything just comes out naturally for BaekHyun as opposed to idols who look too serious and show that they have been practicing really hard.



Netizens have said that V represents the term “K-Pop Idol” so well that he is a textbook example of what a K-Pop idol should be, including visuals, personality, and stage performance talent.


JiMin (BTS)

Many fans consider JiMin’s performances during ‘Blood Sweat & Tears’ to be one of the classics of this generation.



Watching all the members of SEVENTEEN dance is always a treat. They’re all so good! And even among them, Hoshi has been complimented recently by netizens for even using his facial expressions well to light up the stage.


YuGyeom (GOT7)

YuGyeom’s movements are so slick that you’ll feel like watching a human in liquid form.


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No wonder KPopmap is unknown to K-Netizens as its news/info wasn’t scrutinised & validated. Prior to this media such as Koreaboo, AllKPop & all da Korean media reported Jungkook’s solo M2 is #1 highest views by netizen & followed by BlackPink & Taehyung Where else, Jimin’s solo M2 viewcam not even in da top 5. Thus, Kpopmap indeed making a mockery & insulted K-Netizen with its list Baekhyun, Taehyung & Jimin. I wonder this 3rd class media practising partisan by supporting certain Idols & agencies. Hoping this 3rd class media would upgrade its status to at least 2nd class. Ensure… Read more »


Look for Jimin Fake Love fancam, it got 34 million views, Jk got 30m.