TOPPDOGG's sincerity and love shines brightly during their special fan signing series to touch the hearts of their ToppKlass.

TOPPDOGG made their long awaited comeback with their 1st full album, "First Street" on November 7th. To celebrate their return back ToppKlass' side, the group launched their weekly fan signing event!

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Starting from the 12th, the boys hosted a special fan signing event every weekend. The first signing was held at Kimpo Airport Lotte Mall, where they handed out Pepero gifts for Pepero Day. During their second event on the 20th, TOPPDOGG performed a special stage of their sub-track, 'Sunshine'. 

TOPPDOGG's label stated, "In order to meet even just one more fan, who's waited for over a year for the boys to come back, TOPPDOGG has decided to host a weekly fan signing series throughout their promotional period. The boys have prepared a variety of special events for the signings."

Through such a caring and loving event, TOPPDOGG had successfully touched the hearts of their fans.

TOPPDOGG's Weekly Fan Signings Touch the Hearts of Fans

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