The romantic comedy “Touch Your Heart” is about to start airing.

Many K-Dramas fans are waiting for this new drama. It is the romance between Korea top actress that like a drama ended up in a law firm where she meets a perfectionist lawyer. She will be acting as his secretary. Lee DongWook and Yoo InNa are the main actors. For more information and teasers about the drama, you can check our cast and summary here.

The main poster of the drama was released on Jan. 11 by the cable channel tvN.

Both characters are back to back. Yoo InNa is wearing a glamorous and luxurious red dress and is holding a mirror. She is smiling while on the opposite Lee DongWook is crumpling a piece of paper in his hand.

“Touch Your Heart” Main Poster Released With Lee DongWook And Yoo InNa


The poster already hints about their relationship and got fans even more excited.

The drama will premiere on Feb. 6 at 9:30 PM KST at the end of "Encounter".


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