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Han SeoHee, being at the bar on suspicion of smoking marijuana with BIGBANG's T.O.P confessed something shocking.

Han SeoHee explained how she got to smoke marijuana with BIGBANG's T.O.P at the bar. However, people's opinions on her seem to be not good because it's not the first time for her to commit drug crime. Moreover, it's revealed out that Han SeoHee changed her statement on situation. 

She explained, "The man who recommended me to smoke marijuana at first was him(T.O.P)". According to her claim, after they smoked marijuana at first, she bought marijuana for T.O.P saying 'I'm derpessed' and 'Let's do whatever together if you got something interesting'. Also, she confessed that she didn't want to make this behind story public for him, but she changed her mind because T.O.P tended to lie and shift responsibility on her. 


A Trainee Girl States TOP Suggested Her To Smoke Marijuana

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