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Leading management industry, big 3 agencies produce that markets music recording&publishing, artist management, and new artist discovering&training. Its artists are known to be some of the biggest K-pop acts internationally.

These top three entertainment agencies of South Korea introduced its trainees through various TV shows, all of the trainee pictures on internet have showed that they’re not fixed  in their agency, and  are variable according to the occasion. Most trainees in the field were youth candidates who were not regular members making their stage debut.  

I am sure you’ve seen pictures of them. With the fall of many other 2nd generation idol groups, you will get time to see the most anticipated rookies in the upcoming K-music space because the rookies’ debut is just around the corner!




SM Trainees


sm trainees

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JYP Trainees

 jyp traineesjyp trainees, 5live

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jyp six mix, jyp trainee






YG Trinees

yg trainee

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yg trainee

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yg trainee








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