Initially known as Gokdo Island, the name was changed to the current Baengnyeongdo Island based on its appearance as having white wings. It is the eight largest island in Korea, and the closest to North Korea. Due to its vantage point, visitors must undergo a security process before touring the island.

Baengnyeongdo Island is famous for an array of attractions and fresh seafood, with many fish varieties living in the area. The mighty sea cliffs of Dumujin are said to be the last masterpieces of an old god. Additional attractions of the island include the two-story high Simcheonggak Pavilion; Mulgaebawi Rock, the only place in Korea to see seals; and Sagothaean Coast, one of only two places in world with diatomacheous earth, strong enough to drive on and for military planes to use as a runway.



Baengnyeong-ro, Ongjin-gun, Incheon[Google Map]



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Take a passenger ferry from Incheon port coastal terminal to Baengnyeongdo Island.



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expguide: Mudflat experience

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