Haeundae Branch of Blueboat Guesthouse is a 7-minute walk from Haeundae Beach and a 3-minute walk from Haeundae Station. The entire hostel facilities and each room are equipped with a security card system for access to ensure guests’ safe, convenient stay. In particular, the 3rd floor is exclusively reserved for women guests. The communal space for all kinds of guests including men, women, group, and family is situated on the 2nd floor. The hostel offers pleasant, convenient services following the renovation of facilities in April 2018. The rooms are divided into those for women and those for men; the women’s rooms include single room, twin room, room for two, room for four, and room for six on the 3rd floor, whereas the men’s rooms consist of twin room, room for two, room for four, and room for six on the floor reserved for men (2F). Each bed is equipped with a light, allowing a guest to read a book or write on his/her diary without disturbing other person(s) who may be sleeping already. The hostel also has powder room, flat iron, washing machine, free Wi-Fi, slippers, and other amenities for the travelers’ convenience.



13-4, Jungdong1no, Haeundae-gu, Busan, Korea[Google Map]



(Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)








Additional Info


tel: 010-9332-5459

telname: Jang Min-gyeong

zipcode: 48095

accomcountlodging: 33 persons

checkintime: 15:00

checkouttime: 11:00

chkcooking: Not available

foodplace: Yes

goodstay: 1

infocenterlodging: • 1330 Travel Hotline: +82-2-1330

(Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)

• For more info: +82-51-909-9049, +82-10-2990-9049

parkinglodging: None

pickup: N/A

reservationlodging: Available (


roomcount: 10

roomtype: ※ Room Type - Room with a bed(s)

scalelodging: Approx. 297㎡, 2 floors

subfacility: Food & Beverage Facility, Public PC Room, Shared Shower Room

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