Daeseong Water Leports is a private water sports specialty business located in Daeseong-ri that offers a variety of enjoyable programs that include water skiing, motorboating, wakeboarding, banana boating, an excursion ferry, and paddle boats.

They also provide several other conveniences such as a restaurant, series of bungalows, a convenience stand, a sporting field, camping grounds, and a large cherry tree forest. The clean and clear waters of the North Hangang River makes the perfect place for an outing or large
social gatherings and events.



392-5, Daeseong-ri, Cheongpyeong-myeon, Gapyeong-gun, Gyeonggi-do[Google Map]



Homepage: (Korean only)






1. Jamsil - Daeseong-ri
bus115 from Jamsil; departs every 10min starting from 6am.
 About 20min faster than Cheongnyangni
2. Cheongnyangni - Daeseong-ri
Gyeonggi bus 765; departs every 20min starting from 6:00.
3. Cheongnyangni - Daeseong-ri bus 30; departs every 25min starting from 6:30am to M/T Village
4. Cheongnyangni - Setteo Samgeori (transfer to the Daeseong-ri bus 1115)

 Bus 765; departs every 6~7min starting from 6am

Take a train to Daeseong-ri at Cheongnyangni Station.



Additional Info


Rental Fees: 

Programs Descriptions No. of People Rates
Water Skiing,

 2-3 Training Courses for Beginners
Training Course,
Equipment Included
 Training on Ground
 Training in Water
 60,000 won
 Water Skiing
(1 time)
 Equipment Included    20,000 won
(1 time)
 Private Boat    22,000 won
 Banana Boat
(1 person)
 Shorts, T-shirt,
Life Vest rented for free
 At least 2 people must ride  15,000 won
 Fly Fishing
(1 person)
 Equipment Included  At least 2 people must board 20,000 won
 Peanut Boat
(1 person)
 Equipment Included  At least 2 people must ride  20,000 won
 Motorboat,Drive  Rates differ depending
on the route
 Up to 5 people
Daeseong-ri Tour 30,000 won
Cheongpyeong Dam Tour 40,000 won
North Hangang River Tour
50,000 won
 Excursion Ferry,On Constant Standby
 Daeseong-ri - Samhoeri
 Up to 46 people
 Adults 4,000 won
 Children 2,000 won
 Rowboat  Daeseong-ri Tour
 2 or 3-person boats   2-person  7,000 won
  3-person 10,000 won
 30min Ferry Rental
 Down the North Hangang River,Navigation Services  Max. Capacity of 46 Adults  120,000 won
 Motorboat Rental
- 1 hour
 All Necessary Equipment Included  Up to 5 people
 Call for Rates
 Dock Rental - 1 day
Motorboat Rental
- 1 day
 All Necessary Equipment Included
 More than 46 people
 Call for Rates
※ Package 1
- Banana Boat + Flying Banana + Peanut Boat
 Package 2
- Wakeboarding for Beginners + Water Sports Equipment
 Package 3
- You may only apply for equipment you wish to ride


tel: +82-31-584-3119, +82-10-7558-1100

zipcode: 12457

infocenterleports: • 1330 Travel Hotline: +82-2-1330
(Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)
• For more info: +82-31-584-3119, +82-10-7558-1100 (Korean only)

reservation: +82-31-584-3119, +82-10-7558-1100 (Korean only)

usetimeleports: 8:30-18:00

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