Geumiseong is a mountain fortress built on the summit of Geumseongsan Mountain, which rises 430 meters above sea level. It overlooks Jeonui and Cheonan to the north and Geumgang River to the south. The architecture style of Geumiseong Fortress is a combination of the
styles of the Baekje Dynasty and the early Unified Silla. Based on the relics found inside the fortress, it is thought to have been built in the Goryeo period. The robustness of the fortress takes advantage of the rugged topography, so much so that it had been known as ironclad bastion among common people.

The eastern side of the fortress has considerably collapsed, but the southern part is in a relatively good condition. The western and northern walls are also in bad conditions.

Some earthenware pieces were found where there once stood a watchtower. Also, some pieces of roof tiles were found where there was a fortress building in the central part of the fortress on mountain summit. The earthenware pieces are hard porcelain and soft glass wares like bowls and pots. The tile pieces mostly feature fishbone patterns in dark gray color.



San 86, Songseong-ri, Jeondong-myeon, Sejong-si[Google Map]



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Take an intercity bus to Jochiwon (조치원).
From Jochiwon Bus Terminal, go 300m towards Jochiwon Train Station.
Turn right at the Yeokjeon Interchange (역전교차로), and go 100m towards the bus stop.
Take Bus 811 to Songseong 3-ri (송성3리).
Go towards the stream, and turn right onto Solti-ro (솔티로) Street.
Go 400m forward, and turn right at the sign for Geumisanseong Fortress.
Go 2km to arrive at Geumisanseong Fortress.



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