The Gunnam Flood Control Site is situated near the border between North and South Korea just six kilometers away from the demarcation line. More than 97% of the land around the Gunnam flood control dam is part of North Korea. The site is effective in controlling the flooding of the Imjingang River and improving irregular water flow. This area is a key wintering site for various migratory birds such as white-naped cranes, and hooded cranes, with up to 200 birds spending every winter in the area. Given the unique characteristics created by the geographical condition of the area near the border between South and North Korea and the natural environment of the Imjingang River, the site is a great natural ecological habitat for various wildlife.

The Theme Park in the Gunnam Flood Control Site features “The Story of Peace and Love told by Cranes” as its theme. Various story-telling facilities are installed, such as the drum of peace, a wishing tree, and crane structures. There are also outstanding facilities to minimize impact on the environment, such as an alternative habitat for cranes, fishway ecology, and ecological wetlands. The facility makes it a great place to learn about and experience ecology.



101, Solleomeo-gil, Gunnam-myeon, Yeoncheon-gun, Gyeonggi-do[Google Map]



N/A (Open all year round)



How To Use


Parking Facilities: 

33 parking spaces





From Soyosan Station (Seoul Subway Line 1), take a commuter train bound for Yeoncheon(연천).

* Train schedule: 06:50-22:50, 1hr intervals

From Yeoncheon Station, take Bus 55, 55-2, 55-3, 55-6, 55-9, 55-10, 55-12, 55-14, 55-15, 55-16 bound for Seongok-ri Community Center(선곡리회관), and walk along the Solleomeo-gil for about 950m.


From Yeoncheon Station, take a taxi to Gunnam Flood Control District Theme Park(군남홍수조절지 테마파크) (19-20min).



Additional Info


Tour Course Information: 

* Durumi-gil
(Crane Road) (30km)
Crane Marsh Eco Park - Crane Observatory
- Ottal Habitat - Duck Island - Mageocheon Marsh Eco Park - Lohas
Park - Crane Theme Park
- Eodo Eco Park - Herb Village - Crane Habitat - Impact
Area Soil Pollution Treatment District - Water Spider Habitat

* Taepung-gil
(Typhoon Road) (23km)
Gunnam Flood Control District - Crane Theme Park
- Bukjin Mineral Spring - Samgot-ri Dollmuji Grave - Civilian
Access Control Zone Guard Post  - Military Concession Stand - Typhoon

* Park Promenade (3km)
Gunnam Flood Control District
- Crane Theme Park - Eodo Eco Park - Imjingang Riverside
Bank Road - Yeoncheon-gun Sports Park
- Farm Road - Cherry Blossom Road


Admission Fees: 



Available Facilities: 

observatory, promenade, lawn plaza,  white birch forest, etc.
Facilities: DID Room, Crane Eco Learning Center, Eodo Eco Park, etc.
Facilities: Drum of Peace, Wish Tree, Fox and Crane, Crane sculptures,





Facilities for the Handicapped: 

Reserved parking lot, separate restrooms


Parking Fees: 



tel: +82-31-839-2061

zipcode: 11006

infocenter: • 1330 Travel Hotline: +82-2-1330
(Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)
• For more info: +82-31-839-2061

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