Hongbeopsa Temple is located in Geumjeong dugu-dong, Busan and is known for the largest bronze Amida Buddha Statue in Korea at 21 meters. Surrounded by Cheolmasan Mountain and Geumjeongsan Mountain, a beautiful scenery stretching out to Suyonggang River makes one feel as if you were in Yeonhwajang, an ideal world in Buddhism that is filled with lotus flowers.

The temple has training rooms for visitors to practice meditation as well as a bust statue of Gandhi, donated by the Government of India to celebrate the 40th anniversary of diplomatic relationship between Korea and India. The temple has a wealth of attractions that cannot be seen in other temples of Korea such as huge statue of Buddha, India Cultural Center, Jeokmyeolbogung Palace, and beautiful gardens, luring an increasing number of tourists every year.



202, Dugu-ro 33beon-gil, Geumjeong-gu, Busan[Google Map]



N/A (Open all year round)



Homepage: (Korean only) (Korean, English)



How To Use


Parking Facilities: 







From Dong Seoul Bus Terminal, take a bus to Nopodong Intercity Bus Terminal.

From Nopodong Intercity Bus terminal, take a shuttle to the temple.



Additional Info


Activity Fees: 






Available Facilities: 

Amenities: Riverbank Promenade Trails, Convenience store, Cafes, Souvenir Store, 3-Level Gallery
Training facilities: Daylight day care, Children's center, Education Hall, Culture
Farm facilities: Variety of trees and flowers all year round, Natural Ecological Pond
Sanitary facilities: Restrooms, Water fountains
Special facilities: Large and medium-sized grass field, Outdoor Venues and Exhibition


tel: +82-51-508-0345

zipcode: 46206

accomcount: 5000 people

expagerange: Open to visitors of over 10

expguide: Temple stay information

infocenter: • 1330 Travel Hotline: +82-2-1330
(Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)
• For more info: +82-51-508-0345

usetime: 06:00-24:00

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