The Museum of Natural Dye Arts is divided into two floors. Ahwon Gallery on the first floor showcases replicas of ancient dyeing tools and provides information on the natural dyeing process. The ‘relic hall’ on the second floor displays pieces of ancient artwork including fabric, clothes, pillows, blankets and accessories, all made using different methods such as dyeing, embroidery, quilting, knotting and sewing. Group visitors of 10 or more may try dyeing handkerchiefs, scarves, or t-shirts through the museum's hands-on experience programs.



17, Pagye-ro 112-gil, Dong-gu, Daegu[Google Map]



Homepage: (Korean, English)



How To Use


Admission / Participation Fees: 

[Admission fees]
- Adults (ages 19 and over): 3,000 won
- Students (ages 11-18): 2,000 won
- Children (ages 5-10): 1,500 won
* Group discount: 1,000 won discount per person

[Participation fees]
* Admission fees included

- Natural dye:

  • Handkerchiefs: 9,000 won
  • Heavy scarves: 33,000 won
  • Mini-Scarves: 15,000 won
  • T-shirts: 2,000-30,000 won

    - Wooden rice-cake pattern prints:

  • Coasters: 6,000 won
  • Handkerchiefs: 9,000 won
  • T-shirts: 2,000-30,000 won
  • Heavy Scarves: 30,000 won

    - Hanji (Korean traditional paper) natural dye:

  • Coasters: 6,000 won

    - Painting:

  • Handkerchiefs: 9,000 won
  • Scarves: 30,000 won
  • Tapestries: 50,000 won

    *Participation programs open to groups of 10 or more


    Parking Fee: 

    Free of charge


    Structure Size: 






    Take a train from Seoul Station to Dongdaegu Station.
    Head towards the overpass to the right as you exit the station.
    Go downstairs to the Dongdaegu Station Underpass bus stop.
    Take Bus 101-1, and get off at Gongsan Police Substation.
    Follow the road on Pagye-ro Street for 175m, and turn right onto Jungri-2-gil road.
    Follow the road for 200m to arrive at the Museum of Natural Dye Arts.

    * Train schedule (Seoul Station→Dongdaegu Station): 05:00-23:00



    Additional Info


    Program Information: 

    [Museum tour]
    * Requires reservations 1 week prior and confirmation 1 day prior to visit
    * Open to students (kindergarten to university) and adults

    [Experience programs]
    * Programs (please see 'Admission/Participation Fees' section below)
    - Natural dye: handkerchiefs, scarves, t-shirts
    - Wooden rice-cake pattern prints: coasters, handkerchiefs, t-shirts, scarves
    - Hanji (Korean traditional paper) natural dye: coasters
    - Painting: handkerchiefs, scarves, tapestries

    * Experience programs open to groups of 10 or more



    Phone: +82-53-981-4330, +82-10-3813-3040


    Foreign Language Intepretation Services: 

    English (Reservation required)


    tel: +82-53-981-4330, +82-10-3813-3040

    zipcode: 41001

    infocenterculture: • 1330 Travel Hotline: +82-2-1330 (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)
    • For more info: +82-53-981-4330,
    +82-10-3813-3040 (Korean, English)

    parkingculture: 10 parking spaces

    restdateculture: Mondays

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