Namquidang’s Hanok Story is a traditional hanok guesthouse located at the foot of the Manisan Mountain in Ganghwado Island. Namquidang means “the house that collects the energy of the green mountain.” The backyard is surrounded by the Manisan Mountain, whereas in front of the house lies a wide 3.3 km2fieldwiththeYeongjongdoIslandinview.
The house was built by the owner himself who brought pine trees from Gangwondo; set up the frame in the traditional method without using nails; laid red-clay bricks; and finished the hanok with the Wonju Hanji. Even after 15 years, the delicate scent of wood penetrates to every corner of the structure.
There are two buildings, Mariul (main building) and Ariul (detached building) in the guest house with 5 rooms to which kitchens and bathrooms are attached. Over the creaky wooden door are beams with engravings, roofs with exposed rafters, and windows and doors with Hanji attached on them. The lighting wrapped with Hanji emits soft lights and beddings made from cotton fabric provide a comfortable bedtime experience. At night, the stone lighting the yard creates a refined atmosphere.
In the living room of the main building of Mariul is a separate tea room called “Haewon.” It is a space for a laid-back tea time against the background of the field over the window. In the Ariul (detached building), which is equipped with red clay Ondol system heated by oak trees, guests can have sweet potato roasting experience. Traditional dyeing and making of Gangjeong, a traditional Korean dessert, is also possible. Just inquire over the phone during room booking; it costs 10,000 won per person.
Famous tourist attractions in Ganghwado Island including Dongmak Beach, Jeondeungsa Temple, Manisan Mountain, and Hamheodongcheon Valley are 5-10 minutes away by car.



1066, Haeannam-ro, Ganghwa-gun, Incheon[Google Map]








Available (SNS, Phone call)



Additional Info


tel: +82-10-9591-0226

telname: Kimg Yeong-ran

zipcode: 23059

accomcountlodging: 29 persons

checkintime: 14:30

checkouttime: 11:30

chkcooking: Available

foodplace: N/A

infocenterlodging: • 1330 Travel Hotline: +82-2-1330

(Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)

• For more info: +82-10-9591-0226

parkinglodging: Available (4 cars)

pickup: Available (Pick up at Onsuri station, Phone reservation needed)

reservationlodging: Available (+82-10-9591-0226)


roomcount: 5

roomtype: *Main Building of Mariul / Mariul Trumpet creeper Wild chrysanthemum / Detached Building of Ariul

scalelodging: 1st floor on the ground

subfacility: BBQ, bike rental, washing room

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