Ong SeongWu , Kang HaNeul, and Ahn JaeHong are the new cast for season 2 of “Traveler”.

In “Traveler” the cast has a free trip without the interference of the production staff. They will do everything by themselves during this backpack trip. For this season 2, the three celebrities headed to Argentina.

On Jan. 8, JTBC released the second teaser of the show. It is stunning. Kang HaNeul is seen petting a cute dog, Ong SeongWu is enjoying the wind in a gorgeous landscape, and Ahn JaeHong is playing the guitar.

You can watch it below.

If you missed the first teaser released on Jan. 7, you can watch it below.

With the release of teasers, viewers are even more impatient to watch the three boys' trip and adventures in Argentina.

The show will air on Feb. 15, 7:40 pm KST on JTBC. You can find out more about the first season with Ryu JunYeol and Lee JeHoon here.

Are you excited about the show?


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