BTS may have been prohibited from performing at TV Asahi's 'Music Station' and also may be the center of a controversy involving a t-shirt showing the bombing of Japan. However, even that is not enough from them flexing their global influence.

They have been dominating the Oricon charts and what's more is that Japanese fans showed up to the airport to show that they are on the boys' side, despite the recent controversy that expressed Japanese netizens' discomfort.

In addition, they broke the rules of the 'Purple Campaign', an effort to restrain fans from overwhelming celebrities in public places like airports, just for this occasion as they felt the need to show BTS that no matter what the media says about them, they are ARMY to the end.


Leader of the group, RM, was seen putting his hand over his chest to show that he was moved by the fans' love and support.

Their performance on 'Music Station' may have been canceled, but fans are in for something bigger as they are currently in Japan for their dome tour.


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