Being in the same group, living together, eating together, and basically being stuck with each other every day is part of being in a K-Pop idol group. And it's no surprise since South Korea is known for being a highly collective society.

In situations like this, it's inevitable that there will be arguments and fights between members. Like husbands and wives, brothers and sisters, they don't always get along.

Below are some fights between idols that have taken place throughout their careers.


J-Hope and JungKook (BTS)

The fight between these two idols happened sometime during the early days of their career, around the time they debuted. It turns out that JungKook received a basket full of fruits from a fan. Naturally, the other members began to munch on them a little more than JungKook could bear, and began protesting. J-Hope responded by throwing a banana at JungKook and yelling 'All right you little *****! You eat it all!' Of course, given their current relationship with each other, we know that it was resolved well somewhere down the road.

True Stories Of K-Pop Idols Fighting



RyeoWook and SiWon (Super Junior)

This one has the most far-fetched reason for a fight breaking out. RyeoWook was annoyed by SiWon who kept trying to high-five him. RyeoWook screamed at SiWon backstage. SiWon then asked 'Are you willing to burn the bridge between you and me?" Eventually, the two sorted it out to high-five-ing less frequently.

True Stories Of K-Pop Idols Fighting



Eric and Kim DongWan (Shinhwa)

The two idols took a selfie together once. DongWan trimmed and edited the selfie but made it seem as if Eric did it. Moments later, the two were seen literally throwing punches at each other that a staff member who was present at the time had to pull them apart.

True Stories Of K-Pop Idols Fighting



MinHo and Key (SHINee)

Though there may be a somewhat strict age hierarchy in South Korea, such concept doesn't exist between two people the same age. However, MinHo considered himself Key's senior because he was active longer as an idol than Key. Eventually, the two group members had an extremely rigid relationship with each other for a long time.

True Stories Of K-Pop Idols Fighting



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