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While most of the stories that happened in the lives of K-Pop idols are private, some idols have revealed some interesting ones before in the past.

Some will make you feel sympathy, some will make you laugh, and some you might even be able to relate to.

You can check them out below.


HeeChul (Super Junior)

True Stories Revealed By K-Pop Idols Themselves


HeeChul was quite the bad boy during his younger days. It's no wonder when you look at HeeChul's younger photos, he looks like the perfect rebel rockstar.

Anyways, HeeChul once talked about how rebellious he was a youngster in SM Entertainment.

"My company and I were in a dispute over the type of musical style I should go for. I had to write apology letters almost every day, but just to show I wasn't going to back down easily, I always included "I don't know why I'm writing this.." and so forth. I also happened to have received quite a lot of suspension time for my attitude. I was too young back then and just assume they'd call me back when they needed me."


Sana (TWICE)

True Stories Revealed By K-Pop Idols Themselves

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So Sana apparently loves to eat pork. But because of the diet program she was on during the time, she wasn't able to eat as freely as she is now. She stated:

"I was craving pork so bad back in the day, but because of the surveillance cameras, I couldn't just order it and have it delivered right in front of our doors. So I ended up using a shoe lace to tie money down the window to the delivery person and get the pork up as well. Whenever the company nagged and scolded us for eating too much, I'd pretend that I couldn't understand Korean."


ChanYeol (EXO)

True Stories Revealed By K-Pop Idols Themselves


ChanYeol once took an SM Entertainment staff members' advice too literally.

He once revealed:

"During my trainee days, my manager told me to learn from SuHo and watch how he does things, and also to follow him. So I went everywhere he went. I followed him everywhere. One day, he asked my I was following him. I told him that I didn't know. He then asked me why I live. For seventeen years, I couldn't come up with an answer for it. He then told me to stop following him around until I knew the answer to the question."

True Stories Revealed By K-Pop Idols Themselves



SeolHyun (AOA)

True Stories Revealed By K-Pop Idols Themselves


She really wanted to watch this particular movie...but things went south at the theater.

"I really wanted to watch the movie Kungfu Panda. So some of the group members and I snuck out of our dorm at night. To our surprise, we ran into one of the staff members at the theater. Our stuff was taken out of the dorm and we were told not to show up for practice the next day. All of us then went back home. But they called us all back after three days. I was hoping I could rest for at least a week, but it was just three days before they called us back."

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