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Just recently on October 29th, TS Entertainment released an official statement saying that they will press on and file a lawsuit against former Secret member Jun HyoSung for signing a contract with TOMMY & Partners while still signed to them.

Jun's lawyer stated in the past that she made the decision to sign with TOMMY & Partners on the court ruling that suspended the validity of her contract with TS Entertainment a few days ago. However, TS Entertainment contends otherwise and claims that their contract with Jun remains valid, making her recent signing with TOMMY & Partners a violation of the agreed terms.

In addition, TS Entertainment stated that they would be suing Jun for not consulting with them before signing with TOMMY & Partners as they contend it has been an act that is considered to be a defamation of of the agency's reputation.


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Oct 31, 2018 08:13 am

so TS is going to sue her through the same courts that ruled in her favor only days ago? did the judge stutter or something