TT Dance Video of Tzuyu of TWICE Posted Last Year of Goes Viral in Japan

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One video of Tzuyu of TWICE dancing ‘TT’ was posted by a Japanese fan over a year ago and now it’s gone viral.

It’s not been long since TWICE made their debut in Japan, but it certainly didn’t take long for them to almost conquer the music industry. Fans in Japan went crazy for them and they have made a huge hit. The past videos of the group, as well as members, are being watched by the fans, even those ones from over years ago.

One video of Tzuyu went real viral. She was dancing ‘TT’ and video had about 11 million likes all pressed quite recently. Also, it is being retweeted and shared about 3 million times a day. Here is the short clip that made fans go mad!  

So, after the watching the video, have you also got one of the Tzuyu flu as well?  Here is the whole video, which the fan made the clip from. 

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