For the first time in 15 years after his debut, TVXQ!'s YunHo has dyed his hair blonde.

On April 4th, he revealed his new hair color by uploading a picture of him and ChangMin, who was standing at the back, on his Instagram. YunHo was seen smiling and in the picture, his blonde hair allowed his skin to look even fairer than before.

On his Instagram, he said that it is his first time having blonde hair and even he thinks that he looks not bad in it!

After revealing his new color, it was no doubt that his fans were both surprised and amazed by how he suits any hair color. With that said, fans are also loving how the blonde brings out another side of YunHo which they did not see in the past.

In TVXQ!'s new music video, "Love Line", YunHo was also seen sporting his new blonde hair. Fans could hardly believe that he is currently 33 years old as he still looks so youthful in the music video.

TVXQ's YunHo Dyed His Hair Blonde For The First Time Since Debut


TVXQ! came back gloriously with their 8th album "New Chapter #1 : The Chance of Love" after a hiatus of 2 years 8 months.

On May 5th and 6th, they will be holding their concert 'TVXQ! CONCERT -CIRCLE- #welcome' at Jamsil Stadium, Seoul.


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