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One of the scariest things which could happen to many K-Pop idols is how stalkers and hackers are able to go through their personal and private information.

On Mar. 11, TWICE's ChaeYoung uploaded a picture of her by the beach with the following caption.

She wrote 'A picture which I did not share was uploaded somewhere. Its scary. Let's don't do something like this :)'.

It seemed to many fans that she was giving clear warning to the person who had managed to retrieve a photo of her without her permission. In addition to that, the photo was uploaded somewhere else.

Although it is unsure if the person who had uploaded her picture is a stalker or someone who she knows personally, many fans were worried that such incident had took place.

One netizen posted a possible reason for ChaeYoung to write that caption.

TWICE's ChaeYoung Found Her Unreleased Photo Uploaded Elsewhere, Gives Warning


Nothing is confirm as of now but we hope that this would be the last of such incident!


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Mar 11, 2019 08:06 pm

We need to start thinking about where the line is drawn, no matter if it is from her friends instagram or her friends Kakaotalk. If she wanted it to be shared with everyone then she would have shared it with us. Of course it is way worse if it is indeed from a personal Kakaotalk.

Mar 11, 2019 06:10 pm

OMG - Chaeyoung just topped my bias list. Baby Tiger is deadly charismatic; she signs off with a smile while warning everyone out there! (What a cutie/hawttie!!)