One TWICE fan was given quite a shock when going through his recently purchased merchandise!

On July 28, a male TWICE fan in South Korea took to an online message board to share what he found in the photocard pack that came with his copy of the "Twicecoaster: Lane 2" album.

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In a post he called "TWICE Postcard Disastrous Accident," he uploaded images of photocards he received with his album. While a typical photocard set would consist of special promotional photos taken of the TWICE members, his set also included a photocard of Park Jin Young. 

TWICE Fan Shocked By Unexpected Photo In Album Postcard Pack

Taken from his cameo in the group's "Knock Knock" music video, the JYP founder appears smiling ear-to-ear while wearing pajamas and a blue Santa hat. In the music video, he memorably stands in the doorway, ready to join TWICE's fun-filled pajama party. Yet, just like in this photocard pack, his presence is more or less undesired.

TWICE Fan Shocked By Unexpected Photo In Album Postcard Pack

JYP Entertainment

Netizens who read the post had pretty hilarious responses to the surprise, with some joking that he should seriously consider asking for a refund.

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