TWICE will be featuring on every idols' dream program for the 2nd time in just a short period of 5 months.

TWICE traveled down to Busan just today to film their feature episode of SBS's "Running Man". The new episode marks their 2nd time featuring on the mega-hit variety show within such a short time span.

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When any idol is asked which variety show he or she would like to guest on, "Running Man" is always on the top of the list. To feature on the popular show as rookies who just debuted a year ago is truly a great feat for the girls. An insider stated, "TWICE is the crown jewel in variety, every show wants to cast them. It's only been 5 months since their last "Running Man" episode, but the demand was so great that the show decided to cast them again."

TWICE has been killing the music charts since their "OOOH-AHH" debut, summer sensation "CHEER UP" and now their Halloween inspired "TT". With the news of the girls' return to the show, netizens have been elated with joy. Some of the comments stated, "I'm definitely going to be watching the show at live time", "Time to get my recording device ready" and "Wow~ I'm so excited! I'm looking forward to our TWICE girls!"

TWICE To Feature On "Running Man" For the 2nd Time in Just 5 Months


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