TWICE's Sana continues to melt hearts with her limitless aegyo that can 'end a war and save the world'.

Sana is cute as a button, and is just cute right down to the bottom of her heart. But ONCE and viewers around the world got their hearts melted once again when Sana was nothing but her out-of-this-world aegyo during the recent episode.


TWICE's Sana Melts The Hearts Of 'Brothers' Everywhere With Crazy Aegyo



Sana melted the members from "Knowing Brother" with her her aegyo. She revealed more cute aegyo on ‘Knowing Brother’ in JTBC which aired on May 20th.

During this episode, Sana became a hot topic among viewers for her cuteness from start to finish. First she revealed that her nickname was 'Hamzzisana', which means that Sana looks like a cute hamster. She created another viral video when she was trying to guess what JungYeon was saying. Her eye contact and expressions were priceless as she tried to sound out "omurice", "cheese kimbap", "misaemeonji (air pollution)" and more.

She might be the cutest hamster K-Pop has ever seen.


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