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Big Data collected for May of 2017 showed  TWICE followed by Lovelyz and BLACKPINK being the most influential group among girl groups in K-Pop.

The analysis shows the record from April 26th to May 27th of 2017, analyzing 50 groups of their influence in brand by rating of media, participation of customer, communication and community. Basically the chart shows how much influence they have to the public. 

The first place was TWICE as they showed 2,728,528 of brand participation, 2,263,086 of media rate,  2,441,156 communication and b9,358,971 as brand reputation.

The second place was Lovelyz, as they showed 991,320 of brand participation, 739,787 of media, 517,782 of community and 5,387,716 as brand reputation.

The third place was BLACKPINK, as they showed 461,560 of brand participation, 346,858 of media, 2,965,432 of community and 4,610,903 as brand reputation.

The rank was continued by LABOUM in 4th place, Red Velvet in 5th place, Apink as 6th, Triple H as 7th, Rainbow as 8th , SNSD as 9th and Momoland as the 10th place.

TWICE Tops May Big Data Charts for Girl Groups

Beta News

Though the numbers seems huge, the overall brand big data fell by 1.95% compared to last month data.

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