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TWICE fandom ONCE have something special coming up for them.

It has been announced that the JYP Entertainment girl group will be joining the League of Legends K/DA roster, as they will be playing a part in the fictional pop group's album.

The upcoming EP reportedly contains five tracks in total:

'The Baddest' (featuring SoYeon and MiYeon of (G)I-DLE, Bea Miller, Wolftyla)

'More' (featuring Madison Beer, SoYeon and MiYeon of (G)I-DLE, Lexie Liu, Jaira Burns, Seraphine)

'Villain' (featuring Madison Beer, Kim Petras)

'I’ll Show You' (featuring TWICE, Bekuh Boom, Annika Wells)

'Drum Go Dum' (featuring Aluna, Wolftyla, Bekuh Boom)

A representative for Riot Games has also confirmed that all nine members of TWICE will be involved in 'I'll Show You'.

TWICE Will Be Joining LoL K/DA

Riot Games

Stay tuned for updates!

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Seraryunnie<span class="staff">Kpopmap Support Crew</span>
SeraryunnieKpopmap Support Crew
Oct 17, 2020 01:32 am

Do you think they will stick to the concept?