#LoveBTS10M: Top 10 Most Retweeted Tweets of All Time

Seoul, Korea, 13 November 2017 – Twitter is the best place for Kpop fans to see what’s happening and to join in trending conversations on the latest Kpop events around the world. After a journey filled with Blood, Sweat & Tears, popular K-pop group Bangtan Boys (BTS, @bts_twt) has hit 10 million followers on Twitter today for the first time in Korea, making them the most popular K-pop artist on the platform as well as the most-followed Korean account on Twitter!

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BTS reached 10 million followers in 1,793 days after they posted their first Tweet on December 17, 2012, which is a remarkable record. Their first Tweet announced their official Twitter account launch and said that they are going to bring some fun things before their debut.

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To celebrate this milestone, fans who Tweet with #LoveBTS10M hashtag will activate a special Twitter emoji inspired by the official fan community army’s logo – one that aims to bring BTS and the loyal BTS Army together. It means the glory of reaching 10 million followers is a gift from fans.

Each of the 7 members of BTS will Tweet their selfies and thank-you messages to their fans throughout the day to celebrate this amazing milestone. Here are the first few selfie Tweets:

The #LoveBTS10M hashtag trended worldwide right after the special emoji was launched.

BTS, BTS Profile, BTS Twitter, BTS 2017, BTS American Music Awards


Also Twitter Korea visited Big Hit Entertainment to tell BTS the good news and presented a trophy to celebrate @bts_twt becoming the first Korean Twitter account to reach 10 million followers, as well as to thank them for the passion and interest they showed to directly connect with their fans on Twitter.

BTS, BTS Profile, BTS Twitter, BTS 2017, BTS American Music Awards


Here are some interesting facts about BTS on Twitter:

  • There are 1 billion mentions of BTS /@bts_twt on Twitter since they opened their account
  • Their top 10 Tweets on average have over 320,000 Retweets and over 650,000 Likes
  • The five most Tweeted about BTS songs of all time are: DNA, Spring Day, Not Today, I Need U, and Fire.
  • BTS has another Twitter account @BTS_bighit which is for official updates about the band and operated by the management company. It has 6.9 million followers, too.

Here are the top 10 most Retweeted Tweets of all time (as of 13th Nov 2017) from @bts_twt:

1. Jungkook getting teased by his hyungs

2. J-Hope preparing for the Billboard Music Awards 2017

3. #HappyJiminDay: BTS wishing happy birthday to Jimin

4. BTS sharing the secret to their success

5. BTS at the Billboard Music Awards 2017

6. Golden Tweet of 2016

7. They leaked a bit of new song

8. 8. #BTSLoveMyslef Jimin and Jungkook

9. Thanks message for the army from #Jungkook

10. Rapmon’s birthday

For news and updates on the popular K-pop group, follow @BTS_twt and @BTS_bighit on Twitter.


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BTS’s Upcoming Appearance on ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’ Confirmed

You can’t say that you’re a worldwide superstar unless you’ve appeared on ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’ at least once in your life.

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The show is loved and watched by pretty much everyone these days. We see all the hottest musicians, actors, and celebrities appearing on it. While there were rumors of BTS appearing on the show, it has now been officially confirmed that they will be coming out on the show. A spokesperson for Big Hit Entertainment has revealed that BTS will be performing on the episode that airs on November 27th. 

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The fact that BTS has made a name for themselves in the US is another milestone in the history of K-Pop. Up to this date, the number of K-Pop acts that have made it this far is extremely small.  Wonder Girls, Girls’ Generation, and PSY were the only other K-Pop acts to have made an official appearance on US television. We sincerely hope to see more of these amazing septet with their powerful and energetic visuals and performances.


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BTS Stands Against Violence By Joining UNICEF’s Campaign

The boys of BTS are just too easily loveable. Not only are they beautiful, talented, fun, and just simply amazing, but they also have a big caring heart for people.

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They have recently joined UNICEF’s Anti-Violence Campaign, pledging 500 million KRW in donations to help children and teenagers live in a world where they can feel happy and safe. Their anti-violence campaign, dubbed as ‘LOVE MYSELF’, also includes using part of the income of sales from ‘Love Yourself’ as well. 

BTS, BTS Profile, Love Myself BTS, Love Myself, BTS 2017

Star Daily News

BTS’s label, Big Hit Entertainment, has formed a two-year partnership with UNICEF. They have also launched a separate website for the ‘Love Myself’ campaign, which crashed on the day it became open to the public. The members have been active on SNS in promoting the campaign with UNICEF and are showing their full support for anti-violence agendas.


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