TXT Is A More Refined & Elaborate Group Than BTS? Big Hit Receives Criticism For Tweet



TXT Is A More Refined & Elaborate Group Than BTS? Big Hit Receives Criticism For Tweet

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Big Hit Entertainment

Big Hit Entertainment, home agency of K-Pop idol groups BTS and TXT, recently received an immense amount of criticism from both domestic and international ARMY.

The reason why is because the agency tweeted a statement that made it sound as if TXT are a more elaborate and refined idol group than BTS.

Of course, we all know that BTS is actually the reason why Big Hit Entertainment is such an influential company today.

Fans and netizens have stated that Big Hit Entertainment’s tweet was uncalled for as it low key threw shade at the very group that brought the agency their success.

Below are some of the reactions from fans.



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Sara Smith
Sara Smith

I’m confused…. I read the article and I don’t get this vibe from it at all! BIGHIT cares for their members, we know this. They would never diss them! I just don’t really see the article going in this direction that this article says it is. 🤷🤷

Theresa Wilkinson
Theresa Wilkinson

It’s time for BTS to think about themselves now. Seeing how bighit sees them (I don’t think the article that was released without clearance from the CEO? Or will the CEO deny this and say it’s just a marketing ploy?). I believe BTS May need an unbiased lawyer to handle their best interests. They wouldn’t be the first group in history to get shafted. Or is it in their contract that they can’t protect themselves. Bighit shouldn’t be threatened by this, if their intent is honorable. No, there should be no resistance or guilt tripping to BTS covering themselves.