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We've got friends, alright. Our friends are probably not the same people. But what is the reason why people all can agree on "Typical Types of Friends"? It's because, though we don't have the same person as a friend, they ACT similar.

There are different types of friends and for each type, they've got their own characteristics. Today, we are going to talk about the harassing friend. We do get the overall idea when we hear the word, but to clarify, they are those friends who enjoy touching friends body especially the personal parts like boobs and butts. They don't linger, but their moves are fast and annoying sometimes... or maybe often.

The harassing friend seemed to exist within WJSN too!Guess who, it's the most unexpected one!

It's SeolA!

We already know that she is real close with EunSeo. Here is a moment caught where SeolA harasses EunSeo, a typical movement our friends do to us very often.



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