One of Big Bang's greatest songs “Fantastic Baby” was again in limelight, for it was its 5th year of being released.

U.S Billboard Celebrates 5th Year of “Fantastic Baby” being Fantastic


U.S billboard praised K-pop industry and its trends having a huge influence not only over Korea, but also in Asia and other parts of the world as well. It is especially focused on Big Bang and G-Dragon, having such a dynamic music and visuals in their music video.

‘Fantastic Baby’ was loved all around the world and its view on Youtube reached about 3 hundred million, and is still hot on Hollywood scene. It was also has been played in U.S drama Glee and a movie, Pitch Perfect. Also, articles about 'Fantastic Baby' celebrating 5th year proves that it was still one of the hottest songs, all over the world.

Although Big Bang cannot work as a group for now, they will be actively working as a solo artist.

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